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                     I MET ELVIS

A mutual friend of ours, and so called Memphis Mafia member, "Lamar Fike".
I guess, to be perfectly honest, I have to say it was a somewhat disappointing experience. I knew I was being introduced to the King of Rock and Roll and the Entertainer of the century. This was the greatest thing that could happen to a songwriter like myself!

I had experienced my songs being recorded by Tom Jones, Brook Benton, George Jones, Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn,Jerry Lee Lewis, and some of the greatest entertainers on earth, but this was different. This man was the Superman of the music world.

I guess I expected some supernatural feeling, but the fact is.....
We shook hands, and in a voice kinda like a little humble, shy, teenage boy, he asked "How You Doin'?.....I don't remember how I answered........

It amazes me, to this day, looking back, how very simple and sincere True Greatness can really be !
Without thinking, I found myself trying to write Great Songs, not just Hit songs.....

In the next two or three years, I frequented Graceland, went to the movies and recording sessions, took drives with Vernon, Elvis' father, put a TCB(Taking Care of Business) around my neck. Elvis had it made for me and gave me the last one and I then stood and watched in disbelief as they opened his casket......

He had released 5 of my songs and was learning another, but suddlenly he was gone........

I remember him as nothing amazing, nothing supernatural, never trying to impress anyone, just a Simple, Wonderful, Sweet American Kid that never really had a chance to grow up, and yet..........

Somehow I knew the entertainment world, and my life, would never be the same........

To me, this was, and will always be, "ELVIS".

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