Share this day-to-day accounting of news and events in the life of Legendary Hall Of Fame Singer and Songwriter, JERRY CHESNUT under the guidance of TOM LONG- ATV-US/SONY Music, as reported by
Webmaster-Gary Shelton

Anne Murray

Jerry and Tom recently attended the
concert of Anne Murray and the
Nashville Symphony at the
Tennessee Performing Arts Center
in Nashville. A delightful evening
of music was followed by a very
enjoyable visit with the classy
performer backstage . ....

Annual Hall of Fame Awards

Dean Dillon, Bob Dylan, and the late Shel Silverstein, were recently inducted into the Songwriter's Hall of Fame
. In attendance for the occasion were Hall of Fame members, Phil Everly, Jerry Chesnut, Dickey Lee, Sonny Curtis, Ben Peters, Curly Putman, and Bill Anderson.

BMI Award

Jerry attended the BMI Awards Show and witnessed his friend, Bill Anderson, being presented with the BMI ICON Award

Opry Warm Up Show

On Oct. 26th, Jerry joined Keith Bilbry on "The Opry Warm Up Show" on
Clear Channel 650 WSM Radio. The broadcast reached practically all parts of the country.
To our surprise, we have discovered that the "Warm Up Show" may be seen in video by satelitte on WSM Archives throughout the entire world. That is fantastic
Itinerary  Updated:

September 21, 2003

"Great music and great artists are the results of someone simply singing great songs"
----- Forwarded by Tom Long/NH/ATV-US/SONY on 11/26/2002 11:41 AM --

If you all get a chance check out the article about Jerry Chesnut and Elvis Costello on page 36 of the Nov. 30th issue on billboard written by Jim Bessman. It talks about Costello making a big production of Chesnut's presence at the Ryman during his recent concert.....Pretty cool stuff.............
Pretty Cool Stuff .....
The Tennessean gave a great blow by blow account of the sold out concert of Elvis Costello, at the Ryman in the November 1st issue. It included honorable mention of Jerry, and of Elvis' performance "A GOOD YEAR FOR THE ROSES". Jerry made an appearance back stage for a picture taking session with Elvis before his concert. He then watched the dynamic performance from the front row which included an introdution of Jerry, by Costello, to what may have been the wildest crowd to ever fill the Ryman......Gary
COSTELLO'S CHESNUT:  Nashville songwriting legend Jerry Chesnut, collared during cocktails at the Nov. 3 Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame induction ceremony, was kvelling over Elvis Costello's concert the week before at the Ryman Auditorium.
   "I've seen the other Elvis, but Costello is the best performer I've ever seen," Chesnut said. Of course, Costella made a big production of Chesnut's presence at the Ryman, pointing out the big man in the cowboy hat at the front of the stage and introducing him to an unknown audience as the writer of
George Jones' hit "A Good Year For The Roses," which Costello covered on his 1981 album Almost Blue and immediately delivered live in front of it's esteemed tunesmith.
* * *                   * * *
Share this day-to-day accounting of news and events in the life of Legendary Hall Of Fame Singer and Songwriter, JERRY CHESNUT under the guidance of TOM LONG- ATV-US/SONY Music, as reported by Webmaster-Gary Shelton
Bulletin from Tom                

----Forwarded by Tom Long/SONY Music
     on Monday 12/09/2002 2:26 P.M.

If you haven't checked out the latest issue of
"Country Weekly" with Alan Jackson on the cover, please do so and turn to page 31 of the Dec. 24th issue.  Here you will find a great article by Bob Paxman, on Jerry Chesnut and how he was inspired to write the hit song "T.R.O.U.B.L.E". Not a bad picture either of our Nashville Songwriters Legend and the great Travis Tritt  .....Cool Stuff.....Gary
Click here to read the article in "Country Weekly"
NOVEMBER 29, 2002
R & R Magazine News Article !!!!
page 46

This is a very impressive magazine... Gary
New Magazine Article                Latest News


Forwarded from Tom Long/SONY Music
on Monday, 12/30/2002 12:48 P.M.

News Alert ! ! ! ! 
Please read the great article on Jerry Chesnut in the
Jan/Feb 2003 issue of "The American Songwriters Magazine" written by
Michael Settle (page 26 & 27). Jerry shares some interesting points and
history about his sucess as a songwriter which everyone should know and
enjoy. Jerry's songs are a part of the Sony/Tree history and it's wonderful
to see him still getting the recognition that he so well deserves.
                                                            Happy New Year....Tom

This article is a must for all aspiring songwriters......
click here to read the complete article
Email from the web page........
January 01, 2003 1;10 PM
Dear Mr. Chesnut,

Happy New Year, and I hope 2003 finds you well.

Britain is not known for it's appreciation of country music, but "Good Year for the Roses" is known here because of Elvis Costella's 1980 recording. For myself and many others the record was an introduction to country music.

Listening to BBC London today I find it's the favorite song of one of London's top radio presenters, Danny Baker.

For my part, since I first heard it, I've felt it's one of the best songs ever written. The first verse in particular is one of the most subtle, evocative, stylist and moving lyrics I've ever heard.

It's strange to think that a lyric written over 30 years ago and heard countless times has lost none of it's freshness. That is when you know it's a stroke of genius.

Your songs reach around the world and mean so much to so many. You should be very proud.

Very best wishes

Robert Wilson
Radio Presenter

Counting Crows

The sensational new rock group, "Counting Crows", has recorded
"A Good Year For The Roses", and we will be keeping an eye on this. They usually write all their own material, which makes their doing Jerry's song highly unusual to say the least, but also very nice!!

George Strait

George Strait's current album titled "The Road Less Traveled", containing Jerry's song
"Good Time Charley's", has already gone Gold.

Elvis Presley

Elvis' new "Country Side Of Elvis" album contains two of Jerry's songs
"T-R-O-U-B-L-E" and "It's Midnight".

Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash's " 16 Biggest Hits" album, containing Jerry's classic working man's song
"ONEY", is now certified Platinum!

Travis Tritt

Travis Tritt's "Greatest Hits From The Beginning" album containing Jerry's
"T-R-O-U-B-L-E" is certified Double Platinum. Travis' great recording of this song is also available in the recently released album titled "The Rocking Side Of Travis Tritt", a Warner Brothers-Rhino Records Combined Album !

JERRY attended a Roast at Belmont University to honor  his dear friend, EDDY ARNOLD, on his 85th birthday. In attendance were also other close friends.
This wonderful occasion was enjoyed by all. Recently Eddy was honored with a Doctor's Degree from the University.....
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Small World

                    Jerry just found out
                     that his grandson (Chad),                      serving in the U.S.
                     Air Force in Pakistan had an opportunity to meet Aaron Tippin.
While entertaining the troops and ask if there were any in the audience from Tennessee. Chad told him that he was, and laterTippin went to Chad's tent and visited and talked for some time. During the conversation, Tippin talked about fishing with Jerry Reed. Chad told him that his grandfather was a friend of Jerry Reed and fished with him often. Tippin asked him who his grandfather was and was surprised to find out Chad's grandfather was Jerry Chesnut. He told Chad that Jerry Chesnut was a great songwriter and one of his idols.
It is a "small world, isn't it ?"   .....Gary

Words and Music

Jerry recently made an appearance on the "Words and Music Show" and it has aired many times. Please check the TV Guide schedule for future airing times. You don't want to miss it! It is being aired on Channel 5 (NOT local Channel 5), but Channel 5+ (which is Cable Channel 50). .........Gary
A promotional CD containing the 12 songs on the JERRYCHESNUTMUSIC.COM website, titled JERRY CHESNUT'S CLASSIC HITS, is being mailed to all Radio Stations (over 2000), that program Country Music, by the Publisher of Jerry's Music (Sony/ATV).
["The Number 1 Publisher in the world."]

A flyer from Tom Long, (Sony/ATV) has been addressed to the Program Director of each station is enclosed with every CD.   Shown below is the content of the flyer.

The Broadway Musical, "Urban Cowboy", that opened in New York on March 27th, contains a few additional songs that were not in the original Urban Cowboy movie of 1980. We are proud to announce that Jerry Chesnut's "T-R-O-U-B-L-E" is one of them................Gary
T-R-O-U-B-L-E on Broadway ! !
Tune in tonight for the 2003 Tony Awards on CBS, Jerry has been   nominated for a Tony Award for his song T-R-O-U-B-L-E in the Broadway Musical "Urban Cowboy". What an honor, Jerry !!!.........Gary
The State of Tennessee
Senate Joint Resolution Number 45
Honoring and commending
JERRY CHESNUT for his remarkable songwriting career whereas because of his remarkable influence on the Music Industry, JERRY CHESNUT'S legacy is not to be underestimated.
This exceptional man truly holds a place in the heart of our state and nation.
Resolution Adopted: May 21, 2003
Pictured Left to Right
Jerry's Webmaster (Gary Shelton), Manager (Tom Long), Senator (Jim Bryson), and (Jerry and Patricia Chesnut)
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"A Good Year For The Roses"

The latest COUNTRY WEEKLY Magazine featured one of Jerry's standards "A Good Year For The Roses" with a very interesting story and comments concerning the song.

Click here to review the Full Page View
Country Review
"A Good Year For The Roses"
This is a recently built display of Jerry that can be seen in the Kentucky Music Museum in Renfro Valley.
click on the picture for a larger view

JERRY has just returned from his performances on the shows at the Florida State Fair.The Shows more than live up to all expectations. The ticket demands were so great that United Shows of America was forced to do two shows instead of one as originally scheduled; one was held at 2 PM and the other at 7 PM.
Both shows were sold out well in advance.

The weather was also fantastic. It made Jerry's return here, to the cold and rainy weather, a little less desirable....
Jerry has had several people email him inquiring as to the whereabouts and actions of his grandson, "Chad", who was in the Afghanistan Crisis for a tour of duty.
Chad is on duty locally and is on Air Force One duty. The latest duty of "Sgt. Chad Bolding", was at the Airport where he was part of the security for The President and Air Force One during the recent visit to Nashville...
Harlan Daily Enterprise      September 6, 2003

Every year when award winning songwriter Jerry Chesnut returns to Harlan County for his high school reunion..........Gary
click here to read the article....
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