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                                              A  GOOD YEAR FOR THE ROSES                          

My friendship with George Jones scans 3 or 4 decades and involves several recordings of my songs. From the first time he came to my office on Music Row and became familiar with my work, I don't think he hardly ever recorded without checking to see what I had written.

On one occasion in 1971, he called me from his suite at the Ramada and asked me if I would bring him a HIT.

I went over and played him this song. He smiled and said that's what I'm looking for. It never ceases to amaze me how great artists can just simply smell a hit song.

A few days later I had the privilege of attending his session at Columbia B Studios, and I felt a magic in the air as my friend, Bob Moore produced this number 1 hit Record !


I can hardly bear the sight of lipstick
On the cigarettes there in the ash tray
Lying cold the way you left em'
But at least your lips caressed em' while you packed
And a lip print on a half filled cup of coffee
That you poured and didn't drink
But at least you thought you wanted it
And that's so much more than I can say for me

It's been a good year for the roses
Many blooms still linger there
The lawn could stand another mowing
Funny, I don't even care
When you turn to walk away
As the door behind you closes
The only thing I know to say
It's been a good year for the roses

After three full years of marriage
It's the first time that you haven't made the bed
I guess the reason we're not talking
There's so little left to say we haven't said
While a million thoughts go racing
Through my mind, I find I haven't spoke a word
And from the bedroom the familiar sound
Of our one baby's cryin' goes unheard

Repeat Chorus
But what a good year for the roses..........

(Words and Music by Jerry Chesnut)


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