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                               WOMAN WITHOUT LOVE

This song is either loved or hated by women !  The ones who hate it are few, thank goodness, and do so because they resent hearing a man say a woman is nothin' at all, under any circumstance.

I still feel that a woman who has never known love, has never lived. I am certain this is one of the real standards I have written, and believe it will live long after I am gone.

I have recently changed the lyric slightly, to create a female version of it and maybe, it will be accepted by all......

In the early 70's, Bob Luman released a single on this song and was immediately covered by Johnny Darrel. T.D. Valentine then released it (POP), and Brook Benton covered him and had the Hit on it. Elvis recorded it many years later.......

It was nominated for Song of the Year and was in the Top 40 National charts by all four Artists at the same time. It also came out in a couple dozen other albums, and was an award winner by the Nashville Song Writers Association. Now the verdict is yours, what do you think??

I am only certain of one thing, as I once wrote in a letter to Richard Nixon, we are all capable of being wrong, but "CRITICS NEVER MAKE HISTORY"


Her eyes tell the story so well
She tries hard to hide
So little expected
Too often neglected,
A woman stripped of her pride
Always so careful not to cry
Until I fall asleep
Then there in the silence
She lies with a tear on her cheek


A thought comes to mind
Did I read it sometime ?
Or hear it, I can't quite recall
That a man without love's only half of a man
But a woman is nothing at all

She knows I don't love her
Although heaven knows how I tried
Her reason for living
Is to go right on giving
The one thing that she's been denied
Without any warning
In the wee hours of the morning she cries
And the hurt deep inside, she tries so to hide
Is beginning to show in her eyes

Repeat Chorus:


Yeah a man without love is only half of a man
But a woman is nothing at all

( Words and Music by JERRY CHESNUT )

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